Immunity Multivitamin Powder

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Immunity multi protection

Raphie’s Immunity Multivitamin Powder helps keep all dogs in tip-top condition, looking after every-thing from their Bone Health, Cell Health and Fur and Coat Health to Eye Health, Gut and Diges-tion Health and Immune Health. It’s the complete package for dogs of every age, size and activity level.

Bone Health

Just like humans, dogs need strong and healthy bones to survive. With all that jumping after the Frisbee, chasing the cat and wrestling in the dog park, tough bones aren’t a luxury, they’re essen-tial! And if your dog has ever had a broken leg or is genetically predisposed to bone or joint prob-lems, it’s even more important. Raphie’s Immunity Multivitamin Powder boasts manganese and vitamins C and E, all of which are vital to bone health.

Cell Health

Cells may be tiny but they are the fundamental units of life. If any of your dog’s cells are compro-mised it can lead to tissues or organs (which are made up of cells) failing, so keeping your dog’s cells healthy keeps your whole dog healthy. Raphie’s Immunity Multivitamin Powder contains zinc, vitamin b12, copper, potassium, folic acid, iron and vitamins b1 and b2, all of which promote over-all cell health.

Eye Health

Everyone talks about dogs’ amazing sense of smell but their eyes are unique as well, with larger pupils to see in dim conditions and even a third eyelid to protect the eyeball. As such, eye health is just as important for them as it is for us – especially as they can’t get eyeglasses as they grow old-er to help them to see! Raphie’s Immunity Multivitamin Powder contains a mix of vitamins and minerals that helps support eye health from puppyhood to old age.

Fur and Coat Health

A healthy dog has strong, shiny fur. Grooming is obviously very important in ensuring your dog’s coat is as beautiful on the outside as your dog is on the inside, but healthy nutrition helps ensure that the skin and coat themselves are in tip-top shape. For that reason Raphie’s Immunity Multi-vitamin Powder contains biotin and vitamins a and b3 which help promote healthy fur and skin, so your dog can always have supermodel-worthy hair!

Gut and Digestion Health

Let’s face it, our best mates can sometimes eat some questionable things (roadkill anyone?), but a healthy gut and good digestion is vital for our dogs to be able to use the nutrients from their food to build and repair tissue and obtain energy. That’s why doing anything we can to keep their gut healthy is so important. Raphie’s Immunity Multivitamin Powder contains Vitamin D and important trace minerals, to help support your dog’s digestion – no matter what they eat!

Immune Health

Our dogs face challenges to their immune system every day – meeting new dogs in the dog park, digging in the backyard, stress from storms – all can attack or affect how the immune system func-tions. That’s why Raphie’s Immunity Multivitamin Powder contains vitamins b2, b5, e and c to help boost the immune system so your pet can be happy, healthy AND relaxed!


testimonial pic
"I have two dogs, Simba and Chica, who are eight but act as if they're a couple of puppies. They've been having Raphie's for months now and while they love it, I love the fact that Simba's constant skin problems seem a lot better."
Damien, Simba and Chica's Dad
testimonial pup
"My little staffy, Allan, likes to eat everything he's not supposed to, including cat litter. Thankfully he also loves Raphie's so at least I know he's eating something good for him!"
Justine, Allan's Mum
rain circle
"I swear my dogs look better, and the only new thing in their diet is your vitamins. Rain has chronic candida that vets cannot get rid of, and since using your vitamins her feet and ears are remarkably improved! Very very happy with the pupliments!!!!"
Rebel - Rain & Storm's Mum
punky circle
"I just wanted to give you some positive feedback on the Immunity Supplement. Not only is her immunity markedly improved, but she is shedding less hair and her eyes are shinier."
Cherie, Punky's Mum