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10 Instagram Dog Accounts You Need to Follow (part 2)

You asked for it…you got it!  After you lapped up our Australian edition of this blog post, we just had to release an updated list for you.  This one consists of amazing dog Instagram accounts from around the world. If you’re new to Instagram, or are just looking to add some daily cuteness into your […]

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The Perks of Owning a Border Collie (#3 will make you laugh)

  1. They run/walk themselves. Yep. Rock up to the park, beach, back yard. Wherever. Pop the boot and let them loose. Don’t worry about lacing up your shoes or finding the lead. He’ll play border collie games and come back when he’s had enough (See ‘things to know’ section below). And, you’ve just had […]


Raphie: A Day in the Life

I’m a pretty easy going kind of dog. I’m not really fussed whether it’s an early morning rise, or a sleep in.  Mostly I just like to wake when my eyes open.  Coming into middle age, I enjoy a bit of yoga and stretching to start the day (usually downward dog) before heading down the […]

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Frankie & Chloe’s Favourite Doggy Biscuits

Frank and Chloe are two of the most adorable Frenchies living a very spoiled life in Melbourne, Australia. Their mum recently whipped up what we think is a pretty impressive dog biscuit recipe. Frankie and Chloe certainly approve. Ingredients: 1 cup of unsalted creamy peanut butter 3/4 cup lactose free milk 1 large egg 2 […]


Harold’s Baked ‘Immunity’ Treats

Really impress your dog/best friend with this easy and super healthy baked treat, courtesy of Harold.  Harold has been using Raphie’s ‘Immunity’ Pupliments with his food, but decided to mix it into his latest batch of baked goodies.  The result, is a tasty, super healthy treat your dog will love.

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10 Aussie Dog Instagram accounts you need to follow

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want an extra dose of cute puppy pics in their Instagram feed? The following accounts are all Aussie dogs and are guaranteed to brighten your day.  

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Million Paws Walk 2015

We were very proud to support the 2015 RSPCA Million Paws Walk. Here are some highlights from the day! Raphie's at the 2015 RSPCA Million Paws Walk from Dan Lalor on Vimeo.

Courier Mail Raphie's

Getting Down to Business

Our founders, Raphie and Dan featured in the Courier Mail’s business pages last week. Front page no less. A lot of people start businesses with their best friends and my best friend just happened to be a dog. The pair launched their new brand, Raphie’s, this week and its range of “pupliments” – supplements made […]

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Why we walk

Million Paws Walk – May 17   Unfortunately many dogs around the world are still abused and neglected.  Without organisations like the RSPCA these dogs would have no chance of a better life. That’s why Raphie and I are taking part and fundraising in this years Million Paws Walk.  Every dog deserves a happy, healthy […]